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Opportunity L.A.


The Opportunity L.A. (OLA) program is available to LAUSD first-graders at participating elementary schools. OLA provides a FREE Child Saving Account (CSA) to help you and your family save for college.

If you are a current first grade parent and would like to participate in the program, no action is needed.

You will receive a welcome kit in the mail later this spring semester with your student’s account details and deposit information.

For families who would like to opt out of receiving a free college savings account, they can do so by reaching out to their child’s school to fill out an opt out form.

If you have any other questions, please view the FAQ section of this website or reach out to us at

About Opportunity L.A.

Opportunity L.A. (OLA) is a free college savings account program for Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) first-grade students. 

Did you know?

Students with college savings are:

  • 3 times more likely to go to college
  • 4 times more likely to graduate from college

Benefits of an Opportunity LA Account

  • A children’s savings account can help you and your child save money for their education after high school
  • First grade LAUSD students will automatically receive a savings account when enrolling in a participating elementary school. 
  • Families have easy access to make deposits in person, at a local Citibank branch or online
  • Savings accounts are available to students regardless of student or parent’s income, background, or immigration status
  • Opportunities are available to participants for additional savings rewards

Accessing Your Account

OLA Account Login page
  1. To begin, visit
  2. Select the option to register on the right side of the screen. You will need to input your student's OLA information:  
    • Account number
    • Date of Birth 
      • Note : Format for date of birth should be MM/DD/YY
      • Ex: A student born July 1, 2021, would have a date of Click at the bottom birth format as 07/01/2021
    • Zip code
      •  Note: The zip code is the one you use to register your student in a LAUSD school 
    • Then click "Next"
  3. A pop up window will appear on screen with the Program Rules. Read through the program rules, scroll down to the bottom, and click "Accept". 
  4. Create a password and username. Please follow the rules below
    • Username: input your email and create a username following these rules: 
      • Must be 8 to 38 characters
      • Must include at least 1 number
      • No special characters allowed: !@#$ %^()-+^& ) (;:?.
      • Cannot have a space
      • Username should be alphanumeric
    • Password: Create a password following these rules:
      • Must be different from your username
      • Must have between 6-32 characters
      • Must include 2 letters, 2 numbers, 1 upper case, and 1 lowercase
      • Must include 1 special character from approved list:  !@#$ %^( )-+^& ) (.
      • Cannot have a space
  5. Choose and answer the security questions listed and then click "Next". These questions are important to remember in case you forget your password or username. You will need to answer your security questions in order to reset your username and/or password in the future. 
  6. After you create security questions, a message will be promoted congratulating you for registering online. Click "Login" to access your students OLA account using the new username and password you created to view the balance online. 
  7. You can now view your student’s total funds, including your deposits, contributions and Opportunity L.A. savings rewards earned.

Register or log in to your OLA Account

Definitions for Program Guidelines

  1. Opportunity L.A. (OLA): Program name for the City of Los Angeles Children's Savings Account program.  
  2. Children’s Savings Accounts (CSAs): Long-term, restricted savings accounts established for first-grade students enrolled in participating LAUSD schools to support student’s post-secondary education.
  3. County Student (“County Student”): CSA Program-eligible first graders enrolled in participating LAUSD schools that reside in the unincorporated areas of the County and cities outside the City of Los Angeles.
  4. City Student (“City Student”): CSA Program-eligible first graders enrolled in participating LAUSD schools that reside within the boundaries of the City of Los Angeles.
  5. Custodial Account (“Custodial Account”): Financial account that incorporates CSAs, established for the benefit of the Student. Administered and managed by the CSA Program in accordance with the program Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA).
  6. Incentive (“Incentive”): Any additional CSA funding, not including family or friend’s contributions, beyond the CSA Seed Funds that may be contributed to CSAs based upon specific criteria established and mutually agreed upon by all the Parties. Students may earn monetary Incentives only while enrolled in an eligible LAUSD school. 
  7. Legal Guardian (“Legal Guardian”): Someone who is not the child’s parent, however, has legal custody of the child and can provide health, education, and financial decisions on behalf of the child.
  8. Non-Program Contributions or Non-Program Funds (“Non-Program Contribution or Non-Program Funds”): Deposits of funds contributed to a CSA by a person or organization not at the direction or associated with the CSA Program for the benefit of the student.
  9. Participating Schools (“Participating Schools”): LAUSD Schools selected for the CSA Program each Year and subject to the Program requirements.
  10. Program Contributions or Program Funds (“Program Contribution or Program Funds”): Initial Seed Deposit, Incentives, and any growth amount accrued by the Custodial Account for the benefit of the Students.
  11. School Selection Plan (“School Selection Plan”): Yearly plan used to identify LAUSD schools to participate in the CSA Program as mutually agreed upon by all the Parties.
  12. Seed Funding (“Seed Funding”): Initial funding to establish CSAs for the benefit of Students as agreed upon by all the Parties.
  13. Student or Participant (“Student" or "Participant”): A City or County Student that is the intended beneficiary of the CSA and a) currently attends an LAUSD school or b) graduated from an LAUSD high school.
  14. Year (“Year”): July 1st to June 30th.
  15. Escheat: A legal process that transfers ownership of abandoned property, in this case CSA program funds, to the state in accordance with state law. Before the state can take full ownership, it must attempt to find the owners (Student, Student parent or legal guardian) and provide an opportunity for the Student to claim their funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Program

How do I know if my first-grader is part of this program?

During the Spring semester, LAUSD first graders enrolled in participating elementary schools will have an account automatically opened for them, unless their parent/guardian opted out. If you have any questions about accessing your student's account please send us an email at

What is the cost to participate in Opportunity L.A. (OLA)?

There is no cost to a student or a family to participate in Opportunity L.A. 

What is needed to register a student's account?

When an Opportunity L.A. (OLA) account has been opened in the student’s name, students and parents will have access to an online banking platform. To register the account online, use this link

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Student account number found in the welcome letter (mailed to you)
  • Student’s Date of Birth
  • Your Email address

If you have questions regarding the account number please contact us at

What can you use these savings for?

Program funds may be used for pre-college education expenses and post-secondary education. Qualified account uses will be determined by the Program and include, but are not limited to:

  • Pre-college expenses such as college application fees, ACT/SAT testing fees or preparatory classes
  • Pre-enrollment enrichment services such as “summer bridge” programs, deposits for on-campus room and board
  • Post-secondary expenses such as tuition, mandatory fees, books, supplies (including computer equipment)
  • Post-secondary education includes: colleges; universities; vocational schools; and any two or four-year degree programs from accredited institutions.


To be eligible for a qualified account use, the participant must either be currently enrolled in or have graduated from an LAUSD high school. Certain restrictions apply. 

Once a Student Account is Open

How can I make a deposit to increase my savings?

Did you know that you and your loved ones can make deposits into an Opportunity L.A. (OLA) account? All you need is the student’s name and account number. This can be done in a variety of ways

Option 1: 

In-person at a local Los Angeles Citibank branch

  1. Visit:
  2. Enter your address
  3. Select “Filter”
  4. Select “Branches” and then “Apply Filter”

At the Citibank branch parents will be asked to present a valid government-issued photo ID and they will be asked to provide a Social Security Number. Sharing a SSN is completely OPTIONAL. Parents do not need to provide a SSN to make a deposit, they are allowed to decline. The question is part of banking regulations, but a response is not required.

While depositing in person, parents can provide cash, check, or money order. Parents will need to have the student’s Opportunity L.A. account number, which they received in their welcome packet, and the student’s full name. If parents do not have their student’s account number, they may fill out this online form to request one.                                              

Option 2:

By Mail

Make a check or money order payable to the student's name, include their account number in the memo section of the check, and mail to: 

Citi Children’s Savings Accounts 
P.O. Box 790020 
St. Louis, MO 63179-9966 

Option 3:

Bill Pay 

Step 1 : Log into your bank's online portal and proceed to the "Bill Pay" section. 

Step 2: Enter and save the Bill Pay merchant details as follows for all fields as applicable:  

  • Merchant Name : Opportunity LA 
  • Account # : [Your student's account number that starts with "3322209"]
  • Merchant Address : P.O Box 790020, St Louis, MO 63179-9966

*** Please note that the initial Bill Pay set up takes approximately 4-6 weeks. 

Option 4: 

Direct Deposit 

Fill out this form and submit it to your employer or other fund originator.

How does the Program help me grow my savings?

The Program offers a number of opportunities - called “incentives” - to grow your savings. You can earn these incentives by meeting certain requirements or engaging with the program. Keep an eye out for future communications on these opportunities. 

How do I make a deposit using Bill Pay?

Look for the Merchant Name Opportunity L.A. (OLA) in your bank’s Bill Pay service. You can set up a one-time payment or recurring payments to the Participant’s account record using this service. * Please note that the Bill Pay takes approximately 4-6 weeks for the initial setup to process. 

Will participation in the Program impact the other benefits I already receive, such as CalFresh or WIC?

No, since these accounts are held by the City of Los Angeles on behalf of the student, these funds will not be counted as income for purposes of eligibility for other benefits.

What if I cannot find "OLA" as a merchant in my bank’s Bill Pay?

If you need to set up the OLA Program as a Bill Pay merchant at your financial institution, follow the steps below:

Log into your bank’s online portal and proceed to the Bill Pay section.

Enter and save the Bill Pay merchant details as follows for all fields as applicable:

Merchant Name — Enter Program Name (Opportunity LA)

Account # — Enter your student’s XX-digit account number (provided in the welcome letter starting with "3322209")

Merchant Address — Enter the address: P.O. Box 790020 St. Louis, MO 62179-9966

Merchant Phone Number — XXX-XXX-XXXX

Follow the prompts to add the merchant and set up a one-time or recurring payment. Once you have entered this merchant in your bank’s Bill Pay section, you will not have to enter the merchant’s information again and all payments will be sent electronically.

How it Works

Can funds be withdrawn from this Program account in the case of a financial emergency?

In the case of a family emergency, the student or parent/guardian may request an early withdrawal of some or all contributions in the student’s account. **Restrictions apply. Contact the program for more details. 

What happens to the Opportunity L.A. (OLA) Student account, if the Student transfers from one school to another?

If a student who has an Opportunity L.A. (OLA) account transfers to another LAUSD school, the student’s school information is updated and the OLA account continues as is. If the student leaves LAUSD, then the student’s OLA account will be closed. Online viewing access of a student’s OLA account will be terminated as of the date of account closure. If any Non-Program Contributions were made to the OLA account, a repayment will be made payable to the student’s name and will be mailed to the address on record within twenty (20) business days of the OLA account closure. All incentives and Program Contributions are returned to the Program. The parent or legal guardian of the student will be asked to destroy and discard the student’s account ID Card.

If the student who previously participated in the Program returns to an LAUSD school, a new OLA account may be established for the student and, depending on funding availability, the initial seed deposit will be credited to the new OLA account. Please contact the OLA program manager at for additional inquiries.

How does Opportunity L.A. differ or work with ScholarShare 529 accounts?

Opportunity L.A. differs from ScholarShare 529 in that our program is an opt-out model, the accounts are accessible to anyone regardless of their legal status, the program will not affect a family’s public benefits, and is completely free for families. ScholarShare 529 models are typically opt-in, gain a higher interest but will likely be reportable for tax and benefit purposes. ScholarShare 529 accounts may also have penalties for early withdrawals.

Can the funds be transferred into a 529 account?

Contributions made by parents, family, friends or legal guardians may be transferred to a 529 account upon request by the participant. All program contributions including the initial deposit and any incentive that the student has earned from Opportunity L.A. while in the program cannot be transferred and will stay in the custodial account. The student account will remain open unless a parent or legal guardian requests to close the account at which point they must fill out a student account closure form.


For additional information about the program, contact us at: (213) 820-4283