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Meet Our Board

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Marisa Alcarez
Jose Figueroa
Yohanna Gaines
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Noel Lopez
Susana Lopez
Alison Olson
Louretta Randell

What does The Community Action Board do?

The Community Action Board (CAB) is a state-mandated body to the Mayor of L.A., City Council, and the Community Investment for Families Department (CIFD) with the goal of providing recommendations for the development, planning, implementation, and evaluation of the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) funds and other programs that serve families living below the poverty line throughout the City.

As a collective of people from different experiences, backgrounds, and expertise, the Community Action Board (CAB)  has the ability to provide thoughtful recommendations on the usage and allocation of funds to the City of Los Angeles that provide the most impact to the residents of Los Angeles.

CIFD administers federal CSBG funds allocated from the California Department of Community Services and Development to the City of Los Angeles, which are specifically designated for the delivery of anti-poverty services to highly impoverished communities. The Community Action Board (CAB) presents an opportunity for residents, community-based organizations, educational institutions, and businesses serving Los Angeles’ neighborhoods to actively participate and be involved in resolving the negative impacts of poverty.

CAB has a tripartite structure. Membership is composed of representatives from the public (elected officials), individuals currently living in poverty or actively serving that population, and representatives from private sector organizations.