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Domestic Violence Alliance

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What does The Domestic Violence Alliance do? 

We tackle many challenging issues that impact victims of domestic violence in Los Angeles with a coordinated and comprehensive approach to protect these individuals and families. 

The Domestic Violence Alliance is a coalition of community-based domestic violence experts appointed from each Council District along with representatives from the Mayor’s Office, City Attorney’s Office, LAPD, and other City departments and commissions. Active committees include Funding, Law Enforcement, Regional Policy, and additional Ad Hoc committees.

Our mission is to advise and provide guidance on the development and coordination of the City’s domestic violence programs, and to make recommendations regarding legal advocacy, legislation, and victims’ services. The City of Los Angeles Domestic Violence Alliance was created by the motion of the Los Angeles City Council to assist City policymakers in addressing the many complex issues involved in the prevention of and response to domestic violence.

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Get Involved and Learn More

General meetings are scheduled for the second Monday of every other month from 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m and are held virtually via Zoom. Meeting agendas are generally finalized one week in advance. Meetings are open to the public so that representatives from community-based organizations can participate.

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Meet Our Board

We invite you to meet our board members and learn how they are working to help victims of domestic violence and their families:

  • Stephanie Whack, Chair
  • Rachelle Neshkes, Vice-Chair
  • Cristina Cortes, Secretary
  • Carielle Escalante, Treasurer
  • Tiffany Duvernay-Smith, Lived Experience Representative
  • Maria Barahona, Member at Large
  • Amy Goldman, Immediate Past Chair